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    本課程由基礎生物統計學觀念開始,至一般多變項迴歸分析為止之統計課程。預定授課內容包括:資料型態及分布、抽樣方法與推論、單變項分析的相關統計方法、常用實驗設計之統計分析方法、迴歸分析(複迴歸、Logistic迴歸)、流行病學分析統計方法與指標。 除統計方法之學理與觀念課程講授外,在實驗課程部分,將以實務之練習資料,透過統計套裝軟體(SPSS)的實際實作練習運用,培養學生使用統計軟體進行資料處理與統計分析的基本能力。


The aim of this course is to introduce basic biostatistical concepts. Specific topics include type of data and data description; data arrangement and presentation; probability, sampling methods, univariate analyses, statistical hypothesis testing, regression analyses (linear and logistic) and its application to health field. In addition, this course introduces the right time of using all kinds of statistical methods, and the operation of statistical software. Finally, this course will lead you to answer the statistical problems in life by interpreting the reporting of data.

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