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第一部分,學生聚焦在海報發表敘寫之技巧與注意事項,包括: 題目、背景、方法、結果、討論、結論。最後會有一份英文海報發表以及5-10分鐘的備詢訓練。

第二部分,學生學習如何準備口頭發表之技巧與剪報呈現,包括: 如何控制速度、壓力、抑揚頓挫、發音等。最後會有1015分鐘的口頭發表時間。期望藉由此課程能能降低學生對英文演說之恐懼、引發其參與國際學術會議之興趣


In this course, student will develop the oral and poster presentation skills needed to present scientific research findings in health care field. This course will be divided into two parts.

In part one, students will focus on the writing skills needed during each part of the poster presentation (topic, background, methods, results, discussion, and summary). This will include many of the common features of presentation language and develop confidence to deliver their own presentations in English. At the end of part one, students are expected to design an English poster presentation with five to ten minute oral preparation for Q&A.

In part two, students will learn how to design an oral presentation about popular delivery strategies and slide design techniques as well as study ways to improve their delivery speed, stress, intonation, and pronunciation. At the end of part two, students are expected to design a ten to fifteen minute oral presentation related to their research interests.

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